Billy Goldman was born in Eastern Europe where he studied Photography and Cinematography. Billy immigrated to Canada in early eighties. Adventurist and explorer by nature Billy Goldman travel from Canadian Atlantic to Canadian Pacific and to Canadian North to document the country’s natural beauty.

Goldman was interested in Contemporary and Alternative art creation. The transcendental conception leads his style to the new venue. It is based on intuition, instinct, supernatural and Mystery rather than knowledge and experience. He published a few novels applying the same idea.

The artistic renaissance of Cyanotype process became a stepping stone of Goldman inspiration. The hand coating of watercolour paper gives the advantage of putting together two mediums: the photography and the art of watercolour painting. Learning from artists like Turner, Salvador Dali, Andre Breton, Luis Bunuel and Andy Warhol, authors like Edgar Allan Po, Albert Camus and Dostoyevsky helps Billy Goldman to achieve the new horizon of his talent which is making his art enjoyable.